The Detox Zone Includes

90 Minute Treatment

Shake it....Bake it.....Soak it......Squeeze it!


*Photon Genie Harmonic Energy Device

* Shiatsu Foot Massage

*Whole Body Vibration

* Photon Genius Super Sauna

*Ionic Detox Foot Bath


You'll start this treatment with the Photon Genie and Foot Massager for 15 minutes.  Then you'll stand on the Whole Body Vibration Plate in front of the Photon Genius Super Sauna for 20 minutes.  Followed up with 35 minutes of soaking your feet in the Ionic Detox Foot Bath.


This Treatment is $95

Buy a Package of 4  for 0nly $400  

and get 1 FREE

($76 per treatment)


Treat yourself and a Friend

to this amazingly comprehensive Detox Program 

$80 Each 

when coming in together


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