Flexibility Posture and Core

Are you looking to gain flexibility, strength and balance? Flexibility Posture and Core offers yoga fitness classes and specialized personal training classes tailored to your needs.


ProVitae offers whole body vibration, health program design, nutrition consulting professional training and energy medicine.

Whole Soul Co

Whole Soul Co is a bodytalk practitioner, reiki practitioner & uses crystals and essential oils to help aid and heal you on a physical, emotional and energetic level.Each session is a beautiful blend of different modalities to ensure that each person receives exactly what the mind, body and spirit needs.

Kangen Water

Kangen Water (KW) is a very special water that is produced by water ionizers manufactured exclusively by Enagic, Inc., a Japanese company founded in 1974. It’s a GREAT way to increase hydration, balance body pH, obtain optimal health, neutralize free radicals, reduce pain and so much more!

Rowena McKee

Harmonic Sound creates Deep Relaxation, Stress Relief, Balances Energy Centers, Body Systems, Sound Therapy will address Physical Injuries with the ability Reduce/Eliminate Pain. It has been proven that Sound Therapy helps the body to heal 50% to 75% faster.

Sounds, Crystals & Vibrations

Chaz at Sounds, Crystals & Vibrations is a Certified Sound Therapist & Third Degree Reiki Master and offers Vibrational Sound Table Therapy, Sound & Vibrational Healing, Reiki & Energy Healing and Gemstone & Crystal Healing

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