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* Ionic Detox Foot Bath: Adults $50/Students $35

* Pathways Wellness Mapping ~ $500

* Muscle Testing - $100/hr

*Nutritional Muscle Testing - $250

*Sound Balancing (Tuning Forks) - $125/hr

* Emotion Code - $145/hr

* Raindrop Technique
with Amethyst Bio-mat - $145

* Amethyst Bio-mat Session
30 minutes - $30 | 60 minutes - $50


*New Year 2024: Clean-Living Lifestyle Home Audits

~Gift Certificates Available…Give the Gift of Wellness to those you love!~

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Meet Your Essentials for Wellness Team

We are combining our skills to give you everything you need for your health transformation.

Meet Dan

Certified Energy Practitioner

Dan is a multi-talented individual embodying the essence of a modern-day Renaissance man. He seamlessly transitions between roles as a teacher, spiritual counselor, accomplished musician, philosopher, businessman, and a certified energy practitioner who incorporates muscle testing and tuning forks as part of his daily life.

His journey with music began at a young age, and he mastered four instruments – drums, trumpet, guitar – before finding his true passion for the piano. The early loss of his mother, a deep curiosity about the mysteries of existence, and the transformative influence of music in his own life converged to instill in him an innate empathy, a profound understanding of human experiences, and a fervent desire to comprehend the concealed dynamics influencing one's wellness and well-being. These factors collectively steered him toward becoming a certified energy practitioner.

Endowed with natural gifting, acute sensitivity, and a wealth of real-life experiences, his colleagues and spouse frequently refer to him as the “How Do You Know That? Intuitive.


Meet Ruth

Wellness Mapping & Clean-Living Lifestyle Consultant

Ruth, an avid educator with a wealth of knowledge in wellness and essential oils, is fueled by an enthusiasm for guiding others. Her mission revolves around empowering individuals to lead vibrant lives filled with energy and genuine well-being. She is dedicated to offering practical solutions that pave the way for people to achieve their unique wellness goals.

As a consultant specializing in teaching others about a "Clean-Living Lifestyle", she not only imparts an understanding of human physiology and the foundational elements of holistic wellness but also uncovers the veiled sources of toxins in homes and daily lives. Ruth's commitment lies in revealing the potential impact of these toxins on one's vitality.

Ruth is trained in Wellness Mapping, Raindrop Technique, Mind-Body Connection (Spiritual Roots) & Using Essential Oils for Emotional Release.

Dan and Ruth both grew up in Lake Chelan, Washington and are happy to be back in the Great Northwest.  They reside in Oregon with their cat, RJ.


The saying goes "an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure."

Our goal is to help support you to be proactive with your wellness goals, not reactive.

It's time to eliminate the guesswork. It's time for you to feel heard, empowered & back in control of your wellness.

To learn more about how to get started on your journey to wellness, email us at or call
503-683-1767 to schedule your appointment today.


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