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At Vancouver Massage always offers a personalized experience!

We are a local and privately owned massage and wellness center that specializes in helping to make you feel like the greatest version of yourself. When you meet our massage therapists you will agree they are they very best in the industry.


Jean is the owner of At Vancouver Massage and has been a licensed massage therapist for almost 20 years. She spent those years working in private practice blessed with the opportunity to provide her clients with a consistent environment to take care of themselves through regular bodywork.

Jean has a passion for the more holistic approach to health and wellness.  She is a huge advocate of preventative care. Over the years she has used an eclectic blend of many styles to culminate her style of massage. When she opened At Vancouver Massage, she created "The Works" which includes the  Amethyst Bio-Mat on each massage table.  Along with a synergistic blend of essential oils, hot stones, Fascia Blasting, and/or cupping.  All being used throughout the treatment/deep tissue massage.

Jean took the opportunity to expand her practice in August of 2017 and opened a location to provide other massage therapists to join her and build a well-rounded group of exceptional therapists. As she gradually steps away from providing massage, her focus has turned towards the opportunity to mentor other therapists and build a strong practice of healers.