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Signature Massage

Our Signature Massage will give you everything you could need in one massage.

Your health and well being is our priority.  You deserve our Signature Massage. It is a top of the line experience that will leave you feeling nurtured, rejuvenated and ready to face another day.

When you receive our Signature Massage you receive the full time allocated for your massage.  We do not cut corners and you never feel rushed with our time tested approach to quality massage therapy.

You will receive our highest quality essential oils throughout the massage along with the incredibly relaxing and therapeutic use of hot stones.  Our Massage tables provide warmth with our Amethyst Biomats.  A healing modality in themselves, like an infrared sauna, they emit infrared heat through the abundance and healing energy of Amethyst Crystals.  Each Therapists offers their own value to the massage with their years of experience.  You will leave feeling better in every way….mind, body and spirit.

Would you like a couples massage in the same room? We look forward to making that happen for you.

Please call 360-635-3477 to book your couples massage today.

For booking online does not book both appointments at the same time unfortunately.

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