Kerri Jesse

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kerri wishes to clarify her style prior to scheduling.
Please take note: pregnant women, women in prenatal scenarios, and clients in need of elbow/deep-tissue work may be referred to another of our amazing specialists.

Kerri Jesse attended Cortiva Institute-Seattle in April 2008 completing their 1,000 hour extended program with courses in; Swedish massage, history of massage, Anatomy Physiology & Pathology, Musculoskeletal & Kinesiology, Sports, Spa, Injury treatment, Business & Ethics. Ms. Jesse was mentored by Brian Utting in 2010, where she focused on new modalities such as *bindegewebsmassage*: a type of body treatment most often performed by German physical therapists to commonly treat migraines and menstrual cramps. Additionally, in 2013, Ms. Jesse enrolled in Reiki coursework with Tonya Zarlengo, and has remained an active Reiki practitioner ever since.

Finally, Ms. Jesse's most recent specialization in Deepfeet Ashiatsu dates to 2017, and represents the most effective tool in her diverse skillset. Her deeper knowledge of kinesiology enables her to target specific muscles, rather than a generalized approach. A combination of relaxation and treatment massage for a more gentle approach will not leave her clients feeling sore days later.

Her preferred style of Ashiatsu coaxes the tense muscular tissues into relaxing, rather than bullying the muscles; this allows for acclimatization to the pressure rather than resisting it, and thusly a pleasant but highly effective massage results.