Licensed Massage Therapist

Meet Kathryn, a seasoned massage therapist with nearly three decades of expertise in the art of healing touch. Her journey into the world of massage began as a pivotal career change, inspired by a friends insightful counsel. Kathryn has cultivated a reputation for her personalized and customized approach to massage therapy. Kathryn is not just a practitioner, she’s an artist with a vast bag of tricks accumulated through years of experience and continuing education classes. Whether it is a soothing Swedish massage, a targeted deep tissue session, or a specialized technique tailored to the individual’s needs. Kathryn possesses the expertise to address a myriad of concerns. Her hands, guided by both intuition and knowledge, provide a holistic and therapeutic experience for her clients. Beyond the massage table, Kathryn finds joy and relaxation in two other passions: cooking for friends and gardening.