Photon Genius
Whole Body Vibration in the Photon Genius

This Super Sauna is designed to assist your body in being the optimal version of itself.

Experience this sauna before or after your massage.  Schedule 10, 20 or 30 minutes with it.  There is also a shower available for longer sauna sessions to rinse off the sweat and surface toxins off the skin.

Schedule with your massage and experience not only reduced inflamation and pain, but also a reduced cost.

We also include the whole body vibration plate to stand on during your sauna.  It's a fabulous combination to get all your systems movin and groovin!

Special Pricing for before or after your massage....whichever you prefer (Normally $50 for 30 minutes)

10 Minutes - $10

20 Minutes - $20

30 Minutes - $30