We accept REGENCE Blue Cross Blue Shield - Auto Accident Coverage

At Vancouver Massage is a provider for Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield.

As we do our very best to verify your benefits it is absolutely your reasonability to know your own benefits and what it covers.

Prior to treatment we have you sign an agreement stating:

I hereby agree to pay for my massage if my insurance does not cover my treatment. We do our very best to inquire about your benefits with Regence. We ask that you also call your insurance company to inquire about your massage benefits. Deductible, co-insurance/co-payment, number of annual treatments allowed are all necessary to know for us to bill your insurance company. Some policies only cover massage if billed through a medical office like a chiropractor or physical therapist. We need to know this prior to accepting your insurance.

Anthem and Blue Card eligibility:

It is difficult for us to verify Anthem and Blue Card benefits.  However we are happy to file the claim and see if the insurance pays for the massage.  We ask that you pay for your initial appointments until we can confirm your benefits through receipt of payment from the insurance company.

I’m afraid that doesn’t include Premera. Please call our office today to verify your coverage.

Or text us at 360-635-3477 with a picture of your insurance card along with your birth date and we can verify your benefits.

We are also accepted for L&I workers compensation and auto accidents.

Auto Accidents

If you’ve been in an automobile accident, you know the lingering pain that can occur weeks, or even months, after initial medical consultations. It is possible to be pain-free, though. We are here to help. At Vancouver Massage therapists are well-respected in the medical community and have hundreds of hours of experience working with patients who have been involved in automobile accidents.

The PIP (Personal Injury Protection) portion of your automobile insurance policy will cover the full cost of your treatment.

We charge the insurance company more than I cash same day price due to the added expense of submitting the billing to the insurance company.

PIP pays for collision-related medical expenses, regardless of fault.  This means any collision regardless if it’s your car, someone else’s car, or even if you’re not in a car, but still involved in an auto accident. There are no copays or deductibles, and collision-related medical bills are paid at 100%.  Also, if you have other passengers in your vehicle, like your children or friends,  each person in the vehicle has a separate $10,000 limit for (their) individual health care bills.


  • In the state of Washington, the minimum amount of PIP coverage you can purchase is $10,000 although higher limits of coverage are available. Due to rising health care costs and the cost of a hospital visit we recommend purchasing $35,000 for this reason.
  • The PIP insurer will pay up to $10,000 in collision-related medical expenses for up to three years.
  • The coverage applies to each person in the insured vehicle.
We accept REGENCE Blue Cross Blue Shield - Auto Accident Coverage

If you do not personally have PIP on your own policy, I’m afraid the other person’s insurance will not cover your injuries until after the claim has been settled.  This is considered a 3rd party claim and you are personally responsible for paying for your medial treatment with reimbursement collection after the claim has been settled.  If this is the case we are still able to treat you, however we can not bill your insurance company.

The insurance company normally requires a medical referral from either your primary care physician, chiropractor or urgent care Nurse practitioner.

Please be sure to have this referral state how often they recommend massage and that they provide diagnostic codes for your treatment.  

We will need this referral in order for us to provide treatment from your auto accident.  You may bring a copy with you to your 1st appointment or have your provider fax it to 1-844-682-7291.

Please let us know if you have any questions in regard to this process.  Our goal is that you receive treatment and feel better ASAP.



The journey back from a car accident can be challenging. Even if you were wearing a seat belt, feel the accident was minor, or don’t feel much pain right after the event, pain, headaches, or decreased range of motion can occur days later. This is especially true for bicyclists that have been hit by a car.

Injuries from a car crash, including whiplash or damage to soft tissue, are often unique to accidents and require a specific treatment protocol. At Vancouver Massage therapists have been trained in specific therapy to help you recover from these injuries and stop lingering pain.

Physically, massage has been proven to help with blood circulation to affected areas, increased range of motion after an accident, and reduced muscles spasms. Emotionally, the ability to relax in a safe, peaceful environment can help with stress, again allowing you to focus on returning to your normal lifestyle.

In addition to the physical discomforts, there can be a lot of confusion or frustration when it comes to the billing process after an accident. At Vancouver Massage, we look forward to answering your questions or concerns, and will bill your insurance directly. This allows you to focus on your recovery, not on insurance paperwork.


If you have been in an automobile accident, please read about what you need to know.

Need a referral? At Vancouver Massage will be glad to direct you to outstanding doctors in the Vancouver area.