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Fascia Blasting

About Fascia

Fascia is the connective tissue surrounding and supporting the muscles, bones, and internal organs. It’s everywhere! When there is a problem with the fascia, you’ll know it. If you’ve been sitting a long time, and you feel a little stiff when you stand up, that’s the fascia being affected. The fascia is normally flexible, being able to move, twist, and turn with the body. But after long periods of inactivity, the fascia begins to tighten up.

How We Can Help

Massage and physical therapy can help with this stiffness, especially when used in conjunction with essential oils and aromatherapy. When it’s really irritated, usually through injury, the fascia will need extra attention.

That’s where Fascia Blasting comes in. The FasciaBlaster is a tube with handles on each side and small, claw-like features on one side. Designed by Ashley Black, it is used to break up fascial adhesions at a deeper level all over the body. The claws allow for localized as well as broad treatments.

Users of the FasciaBlaster report better flexibility, pain reduction, increased joint function, more muscle definition, and even cellulite reduction.

Hate your Cellulite?

How Does It Work?

After applying some essential oil to the part of the body you want to work on, grip the FasciaBlaster at each and press the claws into the area. Moving the claws up and down body area for up to five minutes. While you don’t want to use too much pressure, it is important to get deep penetration.

Some bruising may occur after a few uses, but according to Black, this is part of the healing process. As the fascia is being stimulated, your body is sending blood to the affected area, hence the bruising.

For more information about the FasciaBlaster and how it can help with your healing process, contact At Vancouver Massage today!

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