Craniosacral Therapy with Julie Volpigno

Julie received her massage training at East West College of the Healing Arts, one of the longest running massage colleges in the NW. She has been with At Vancouver Massage for over 3 years. As well as working alongside chiropractors in a clinical setting. Overall, she is inspired by the healing effects of massage therapy in mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, PTSD and addiction recovery.

Recently Julie has been studying with the Updleger Institute and has finished levels 1 and 2 of craniosacral. She will complete somatoemotional release classes by the end of October 2023. Her goal is to specialize in mental health and death and dying.


What is craniosacral therapy?

It’s a gentle, hands on approach to evaluate and help the physiological functions of the craniosacral system in the body. Using no more than 5 grams of pressure, we evaluate dysfunction in the body and help the body’s natural ability to heal.

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   60 Minutes - $110          75 Minutes ~ $125      90 Minutes ~ $145


"I received a treatment from Julie and had been experiencing chronic low back and hip pain.  After her treatment I have been pain free.  Trauma in the body can lend itself to stuck energy and movement of the cerebrospinal fluid.  Through very gentle pressure she was able to release the blocks and have my body moving freely again."

Jean Koncos LMT