Bring balance to the mind body and soul with Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

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Only provided by Kerri Jesse LMT and Wendy Fisher LMT.

Bobbi Deardorff is currently on medical leave.

Massage is well known for bringing balance to the mind body and soul. It is a powerful tool. This Deep Tissue provided through ashiatsu barefoot massage works further into the fascia. It also will release trigger points and connective tissues. It is a slower and more forceful in the application.

Furthermore, Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage not only adds more pressure but it also adds compression. And it throws myofascial stretching into the mix. Compression massage squeezes the entire body from above and below. It also affects the internal organs. It is a soft structural integration that realigns the body.

Skeletal adjustments often occur during a session. It also has myofascial benefits that relax and stretch contracted muscles. This unique modality combines three therapies into one. Ashiatsu Massage is in a league all its own. The potential healing properties of Ashiatsu massage catapults into a whole other level.

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Below is our Cash Price paid during the time of Service

60 Minutes ~ $115      75 Minutes ~ $130
90 Minutes ~ $150      120 Minutes ~ $190

Package of 5 – 75 Minute ~ $600
Package of 5 – 90 Minute ~ $700