Amelia Soto LMT (1)

Licensed Massage Therapist

My love for massage came at an early age, connecting with my grandma with scalp and foot massages. It always brought me so much joy seeing how much it helped her and how much relief I saw in her face. In high school, I would get in trouble by teachers for giving hand massages in class or shoulder rubs. Fast forward and I get to massage some of those teachers!
I studied at Everest college after having two children. I graduated in 2010 and have 13 years of experience. Along with kinesiology and deep tissue, I studied sports massage, spa, and continued my knowledge with cupping, doula training, muscle energy techniques and more.
I love connecting with other humans, and feeling what they need in their time of need in order for them to not feel stagnant in their life for them to grow. It's important each individual feels comfortable with me and they know how valuable they are.