Licensed Massage Therapist

My name is Amber

My intention and passion in life is to help activate the healing process for living a healthy and abundant life by holding the space for others to receive what they need as the holy spirit energy works through my being helping to intuitively guide me through the journey with each individual.

My style is restorative, intuitive, and nurturing. I do full body massages flowing with the body's energy and what's intuitively needed connecting my movements in one fluid motion so your body can enter into a state of deep relaxation and surrender:)I begin my sessions with deep breaths and intention and hold space for you to do the same.

I include hot stones, essential oils, and hot towels in all of my massages and always leave you with some words of peace and encouragement 🙂 I’m a graduate of the Body Mechanics Myotherapy and Massage School in Vancouver, WA and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. I am endlessly grateful to all of my teachers who have lit the way and I’m very honored to share this light and peace with others!