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Emily Ruth Christensen LMT

Emily Ruth Christensen joins At Vancouver Massage and has been dedicated to sharing the Health benefits of massage for almost a decade. Her passion for this work began at a very young age with desiring to help friends and family with massage treatment. She graduated East West College in 2008 and has been focused on natural healing ever since.

She is aimed to help people reach optimal health through therapeutic massage modalities such as Swedish, Deep tissue and Medical Massage.Her intuitive approach will locate and recognize knots and tight muscles, effectively treat them, and leave you satisfied every time.

She recently became fascinated with the micro-biome, gut/brain connection and the effects massage has on the nervous system. This has ignited a passion to not only heal the muscles and fascia but the body as a whole.

She enjoys helping others and recently became certified in Pediatric massage for Autism. Her goal is to provide nurturing touch therapy to those in need.

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