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Jean Koncos LMT

Jean Koncos LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jean is the owner of Vancouver Massage and a self employed licensed massage therapist with 15 years experience in the Healing Arts. A graduate of The Oregon School of Massage, Jean heals with her intuitive abilities and treats the body with the mindfulness that we are all a beautiful and amazing blending of the Mind Body and Spirit.

Jean uses an eclectic blend of many styles to culminate her Signature Massage which incorporates a synergistic blend of essential oils, hot stones, Fascia Blasting, Deep Tissue, and Swedish Massage. Using the Hot Stones throughout the massage strokes as well as placement of them brings an added element to the massage that many have not experienced yet. She uses Deep Tissue and fascia Blasting when necessary and blends it generously with Swedish Massage techniques.

She encourages mindfulness about balance and wellness that we can use throughout our day. As well as Nutrition, which is one of her favorite subject matters and is encouraging with many suggestions on improving ones current diet and eating habits.

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