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New Client Massages Vancouver WA

New Client Massages

A restful environment can be felt throughout our office, and as a new client, you will receive discounts on all three massages, all available in three different time lengths. It is a great way to introduce yourself to us.

Monthly Maintenance Massages Vancouver WA

Monthly Maintenance Massages

At Vancouver Massage offers a monthly maintenance discount price on all of our massage therapies. The reduced price will be honored when you schedule a massage for the next month.

Massages Vancouver WA


At Vancouver Massage offers three different massage therapies: Swedish, Deep Tissue, and a Signature massage. All three utilize essential oils, a BioMat covered table, soft lighting and gentle music as part of the relaxation process.

Specialty Services

Biomat Vancouver WA


The BioMat helps with pain, stiffness, and many other health issues and is used in every massage we perform.

Hot Stone Therapy Vancouver WA

Hot Stone Therapy

Hot stone therapy is ideal for use on lingering pain or ongoing illness and improves circulation and releases toxins from the body.

Fascia Blasting Vancouver WA

Fascia Blasting

With the FasciaBlaster, At Vancouver Massage will work the fascia back to its normal state, relieving you of pain and improving flexibility.

Essential Oils and Zyto Scan Vancouver WA

Essential Oils/ Zyto Scan

When used together with the ZYTO Scan, Essential Oils can be used for many specific health issues.

Hyperbaric Chambers Vancouver WA

Hyperbaric Chambers

By increasing the amount of oxygen your body takes in, hyperbaric chambers can speed up the healing process by fighting infections.

Healing Products Vancouver WA


Are you wanting to improve your quality of life? Many of our healing modalities are available for home use. See what we have to offer.

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