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  Yelp Review
Aaron Twiss gave me a supreme two hour massage today. I get nervous seeing a new person for bodywork but he was exceptionally confident and made me feel comfortable immediately. My body feels so much better and I am very appreciative I found Aaron as I will be referring patients to see him in the future. He intuitively knew what my body needed and answered questions regarding future massage clearly. I made a second two hour appointment as I will be gone for about a month and look forward to seeing him consistently when I return. I would recommend him to anyone.!”   Ashley W.

  Yelp Review
“Had one of the best massages I’ve had in years by Audra! It was a one-hour Signature Massage and she covered everything in that hour. She didn’t leave anything out and even listened my request for painting to certain areas on the body that needed a little extra TLC.
She has great pressure and does great deep tissue work! She was doing some awesome neck stretches and neck work that I had never had done before in the many years that I’ve been receiving massages! I definitely would go back and see her again! The  studio is very quaint and intimate clean and cozy.  
 Amber S.

 Genbook Review
Best Massage I’ve Had!
“I’ve been struggling with shoulder/neck arthritis and decided to visit AVM following a “Best Massage in Vancouver” Google search, as I’m new to the area. What a find!! My deep tissue massage with Raiquo Grimes was exactly what I needed to loosen up very tight and sore areas that have been problematic for years. I believe massage at AVM, combined with physical therapy beginning next week, will be my ticket to slowing down some degenerative processes. On top of all that, it’s was SO RELAXING!”  
Dana H.     

  Google Review
I had a wonderful experience at Vancouver Massage. Starting with the online scheduling and lasting until the last minute of the massage. I work an incredibly weird schedule that fluctuates at last minute, so being able to sign up for the next day online was great. Once I arrived I was greeted and welcomed into a peaceful room with water as I completed the paperwork. My masseur then walked me into the room and explained different tools, methods, and oils that were options and what they did if I hadn’t heard of them prior. I have to say Derek has probably given me the greatest massage or tied for a close second, that I have ever experienced. He was able to tailor it very specifically for points that were causing me issues and then found new areas to work through. It was an incredibly relaxing experience and there was never too much pressure applied, every new level he checked before continuing. I am excited to return on a regular basis to At Vancouver Massage.”                                                                                                            Jurassic Jill  

 Genbook Review
Great massage
“Fabulous masssage by Amber! She’s good at what she does! She makes you feel comfortable and is good at what she does. You will not be disappointed.” Doreen R.

Living at optimal health is not a short-term event.  You know this.  You want to get the most out of life.

Massage is a crucial part of optimal health, improving immunity, diminishing fatigue, and easing the stress and tension that often creates internal chaos in your body that goes unnoticed until your health is impacted.

At Vancouver Massage’s talented staff are trained in techniques that nurture your body so that you can live at your peak health.

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Jean is the owner of At Vancouver Massage and has been a licensed massage therapist for almost 18 years .  She spent those years working in private practice blessed with the opportunity to provide her clients with a consistent environment to take care of themselves through regular bodywork.

Jean has a passion for the more holistic approach to health and wellness and is a huge advocate of preventative care.  Over the years she has used an eclectic blend of many styles to culminate her Signature Massage.  The Signature Massage incorporates the Amethyst Bio-Mat along with a synergistic blend of essential oilshot stonesFascia Blasting, Deep Tissue, and Swedish Massage.

Jean took the opportunity to expand her practice in August of 2017 and opened a location to provide other massage therapists to join her and build a well rounded group of exceptional therapists.  As she gradually steps away from providing massage, her focus has turned towards the opportunity to mentor other therapists and build a strong practice of healers.

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